Noor Ul Ain Khan

Peace II

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36 X 36 INCHES

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Noor ul ain Nasir Khan, born in Hyderabad Sindh in 26 of December. Receives her degree of Fine arts with Honors from Shaheed Allah Bakhsh Soomro University, Previously known as CEAD (Centre of Excellence Arts and Design MUET jamshoro) in 2021. Majored in painting. Although her interest in many art forms like miniature, ceramics, print making and also experimenting with different material to create something new and different . Her thesis is based on her short sightedness and paint nature in blur form through geometrical shaped stamps which gives the impression of pointillism. She has been working with several galleries in Pakistan and abroad in various cities like Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Ohio, Dubai. And also working on commissions since 2017.  

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