Shazia Jaffery


Artist Name: Shazia Jaffery
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 21.26 x 34.25 INCHES

PKR 85,000.00

Shazia Jaffery

My basic belief is that creativity is an expression of the God within, in my paintings; I am looking for spiritual significance in ordinary people and their lives.
One is born with Creativity which is gifted by (Allah)God to everyone.
I am a Dubai based Pakistani artist, graduated in painting and sculpture I usually work in acrylics sometimes mixed medium, in my contemporary painting style I use text, lines and basic shapes as my main tools.
My journey started with exploring SELF; I feel self is the center of everything. It all starts from within, whether good or bad, I believe that your experiences are the outcome of self believe and thought process. I also believe that Self can only be managed if you have strong self-control on your whims and wishes. I have spent ten years to explore the philosophy of self. How lack of self-control can create issues and spread negativity. I also practice self-reflection in my daily life to understand the world and people around me. I also empathize with people and put myself in that situation to observe the different point of views which is reflective in my work.
During my journey of self-reflection and exploring of myself, I understood the concepts of liberations, emotional freedom. Freedom is another subject close to my heart, I feel there should be equal opportunity in the world to live and express, spread wings, breathe in open air and taste the variety. “Emotional freedom answers to reclaiming happiness and heart. It is a way to increase ability to love by increasing positive emotions and being able to compassionately witness and transform negative ones whether they are yours or someone else. Emotional freedom can be attained through spiritual awakening. To free our self from anxiety, depression, frustration, the process of spiritual awakening is the key.
In my recent practice, my poetry is driving my paintings, I would depict the same message in my poems and my painting leading to realization of spirituality. Everything is the outcome of your spiritual status, if you are connected to Allah/universe then you are at peace happiness and positivity. If your connection is week then it will reflect in your life. Once you understand the spirituality and the art of surrendering that when you rise above and attain self-peace and happiness. I feel that emotional freedom, self, and spiritualty and interrelated. My recent style focusses on spirituality and reinforcement which I feel will eventually create an impact in the society. If you keep on reinforcing goodness, it creates positive impact around you.
My main medium is acrylic but I also likes to play with different bases, adds pen and ink and other media.

21.26 x 34.25 INCHES

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