Abid hassan

Through the Crevices 2

PKR 100,000.00

Abid Hassan
Artist statement:
Beyond Science and technology, in the seismographs of imagination lie reasons for another world that we live on top of, a parallel ecosystem that we are discovering by the day. With imperfectly perfect layers of rock, water and a whole new world of species and materials, the inside of the earth we live on is been made. Like the layers on an onion the inside of the earth is layered extensively and separately, yet every layer diffuses within the other.
With the warm pink and earthy tones, an aesthetically pleasing design has been put inside the earth and thus it can be said that not just the exterior but the interior of the world that we live on is created with great awe.
My artwork does not describe the visible cliched landscapes, but the invisible and undiscovered insides of our world. It is astounding that everything needed for life and to fulfill our energy requirements is embedded in nature, and that we must only discover and invent ways to make use of them.
Just like a journey within a person’s inner self, a voyage within the earth we live on is necessary to explore its potential, the amount of energy it has, and the extent to which it is self-reliant and self-sustaining.

24 x 24 INCHES

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