Art Reserves is a unique platform which will serve as a local and international online marketplace where artists, craftsmen and art connoisseurs will come together to sell, buy, create networking opportunities and interact with each other.

To assist the artist from avoiding to spend too much time in building a clientele or looking for galleries to sell their work Art Reserves becomes an ecommerce anchorage for them. It allows the artist to do what he is best at – produce art.  Ecommerce and online selling have become a progressively effective means for independent artists to autonomously invest their time, energy and creativity in building quality artwork and craft, and most importantly, to increase the opportunity to sell the work they want to create directly to their niche audiences and collectors. Consequently, Art Reserves will also function as a place to help collectors and buyers view the works of a large number of artists on a single platform.

The goal of Art Reserves is to reach larger audiences across the globe and connect the artists, artisans and the creative industry to the niche buyers and collectors who are just one click away. Many veteran and new artists will be able to avail the services of the platform through a growing, dedicated and devout following by sharing their work constantly and engaging in online artist communities.

A portion of the proceeds collected through the commission will go towards funding artists who do not have the means nor the opportunities to attain funding through grants.