S Zafar


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14 X 12 INCHES

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I studied Fine-Arts in College for four years (from first year till fourth year). Then took painting classes in Arts Council Islamabad for 2/3 years. I occasionally kept on painting at home for many years then once again in recent past I joined an art gallery/studio run by two renowned artists / couple, Mansoor Rahi and Hajira Mansoor for more than a year and learned a lot from them. Rahi sahib told me that I am an artist by nature and his wife told me to paint on my own as I have a natural flare for painting, so I started painting on my visualised and intuitive images and I do some arranged still life paintings but mostly do spontaneous, direct on the canvas paintings. I love to paint in bright colour and my paintings are more alive/stylised in style. I paint in oil and use good quality of canvas.
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