ajab khan


Artist Name: Ajab Khan
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 30 x 40 INCHES

PKR 150,000.00

Ajab khan, I a primarily self taught artist, works persistently in of art. He paints the life around his native area of D l khan which river Indus. His landscapes speaks volumes of his love for nature and process without doubt, his expertise in capturing the exact moment on time thus making it timeless.
Though Ajab khan is Master in urdu literature and formally trained in this grace but destingueshed himself as well established landscape Painter.
Ajab’s language is “colour” his choice of shades, color, scenery and subject instantly takes the viewer to the erea on which he painted that scene. Ajab has groups and many show to his credit and is collected internationally too.

30 x 40 INCHES

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