Arif Ansari


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Arif Ansari
When I was doing my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts I explored various mediums but my heart was set on water colour. I loved the versatility and the smooth flow of the colours as they merged on my palette. Additionally I was deeply touched and inspired by the works of late Mr. Zahin Ahmed and Mr. A.Q. Arif. Their style and subject matter appealed to me and I started to work in the same medium. Later I also had the opportunity to meet and work with Mr. Ali Sajid the world renowned artist. He guided me and helped me develop and evolve my style further.

Nature has been the muse of countless artists through the ages and still continues to be. My heart has always been drawn to nature, as a child I loved exploring and taking long walks in the uncharted forests. Therefore when I began to paint there was no doubt in my mind what my subject matter would be.

14 x 21.5 INCHES

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