Masood A. Khan

Lunch Break

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Masood A. Khan (b. 1959, Kushtia, Bangladesh) is a self-taught artist and has showcased his works extensively within Pakistan, USA (Honolulu), Dubai, UK and New Zealand.
The recent body of work (2019) is a continuation of my past 22 appearances at various art galleries in Pakistan and abroad. At each appearance, I adopted a new vocabulary to paint the essence of truth with lines and layers. As transparency is the quintessence of naked reality, it remains constant on my surfaces. With a blend of feelings, I express reality around through
Realism combined with modernism. In the remote recesses of my subconscious lies an effort to create a spiritual climate that touches the heart. I feel new liberty when the beauty of every form is clear, visible, and NOT overlapping each other creates a multidimensional view. I don’t need to distort the naturalistic forms as done in cubism or other isms of art.
I have externalized my outrage at the hypocrisy-religious, social, economics-that cloaks and disguise our true intentions. In my works, a world emphasizing the simplicity and joy of Spiritual content versus the present contemporary situation with all its perils, I have peeled off layer by layer, the fables that determine our lives.
My search is new possibilities in realism.

22 X 20 INCHES

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