Shaima Umer

Library of Lahore

PKR 40,000.00

Shaima Omar is a watercolor artist who started painting as a hobby and quickly this hobby turned into a passion. A passion that led her into exploring the realms of life. Her passion grew with time and along with it her brush strokes matured into master pieces. She paints both, water and land.
Water is a mystery for mankind. And this mystery has always intrigued Shaima who has fought her way through all that life threw at her. She explores this mystery by painting the majestic yet the simple sailing boats, “life without a defined purpose is similar to a boat without a crew in the middle of the ocean”. Her purpose in life is to find that definition.
She is humbled to present her paintings at international platforms including Italy, Portugal, Urbino, Albania, Maxico and Greece and many other countries as a Pakistani watercolor artist.
In future she wants to brush away the ugly misconceptions about Pakistan’s Northern areas and wants the world to conceive the most scenic and charming sights of Pakistan through the extensions of a Pakistani woman’s artistic talents.
As the great ruler of Turkey Sultan Mehmet Murad said, “boat is nothing without water and Man without his dreams…”

23 X 23 INCHES

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