Urhamish Ansari

A dream within a dream

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A Dream within A dream

This painting is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe poetry “A dream within a dream”

Dreams are illusions to an awake mind. But when a dream happens the mind is in a partial or lesser state of consciousness. So, dreams seem real when you are dreaming and it stays real for you until your awareness is triggered. Body has its own triggers to wake you but the mind also has a way to bring you back to reality for cross examination, but we still keep feeding our brains for the things which are just in our dream.

16 X 14 INCHES

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I am Urhamish. Born in Multan, Punjab on 19 December 1991. Recently completed my MPhil from Punjab university, majoring in sculpture. Exhibited my work in various group shows nationally internationally (Pak- Malaysian international Art Exhibition PMIX). I displayed my work in collateral events of Lahore biennale and recently my work was displayed in international Art and Design collaboration virtual program series 2020. Currently I am doing job at MCA (Multan college of art), NCBA&E and Institute of blue pottery Multan as a visiting lecturer. I live in Multan but currently working in Lahore. I worked in different mediums and love to explore new methods and techniques in sculpture.
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