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Muhammad Arif Channa ( MAC) graduate from Centre of Excellence in Art & Design (CEAD) MUET Jamshoro. in B.F.A  with distinction My interests are Painting, Art installation, Film making, and Graphic Designing.

Every Artist must be impressed from the work of another artist and takes forward his first footstep in the world of art like them, i am also inspired from the great Artist the one who has created this universe and He has no competitor. In my eyes ,He is the greatest artist of the universe.

 Art is everywhere in this world, which is needed to be  brought on the canvas with artistic thoughts  I get many concept from my surroundings and I made my art by what I feel inside  my heart and put my emotions into it , I dont want to make my work  limited. I want bring to new ideas with new thoughts and new concepts.




There is something! Whenever i look in my surroundings i observe different things and always a thought came up into my mind if those objects and figures will be covered, how would they look? I was inspired by the idea that's why i covered and embossed different things in cloth that gave them a new identity and meaning.

When I painted them sometimes colorful sometimes colorless, it made them differently visualized for viewers so that it grabbed their attention and forces them to be curious about it that they unwantedly become pulled towards its beauty that there is something!

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