Anas Hussain

When it rains

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An Abstract cityscape describing the view of a street after rain, the foggy silhouette of buildings, the grey and black structures and car headlights reflecting over the roads giving a beautiful rainy vibe and calm feeling.

18 X 24 INCHES

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My name is Anas Hussain, I'm a self taught artist, my interest in Art was very natural as I belong to a family with an artistic influence and that same influence got me working on my natural skills and with time I realized I could do it better than I thought. I see Art as an eternal way of self satisfaction, inspiration and motivation, an ultimate tool for personal and intellectual growth.

I mostly work with Oil paints and my main focus is painting landscapes and city scapes, I'm into poetry, music and photography too. I've been practicing art as a hobby and I intend to utilize my skills and become a full time dedicated Artist.
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