Arusha Javaid

Watercolour painting

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12 X 16 INCHES

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I’m a visual artist, practicing since 2007. I am majorly a self taught artist but I learned the basics of oil painting for three months from a senior artist ‘Lal Mohammad Pathan’ and later continued practicing it for ten years on my own until it became a profession. Besides oil painting i also started studying watercolours since I knew it is the most challenging and difficult medium with zero chance of making errors and I kept practicing it for four years until this hobby became a profession in 2017. I’m now exhibiting my work nationally and internationally. I have exhibited in Fabriano, Urbino- Italy. Have won the online watercolour challenge organised by a French artist, Wei Tallinder. Nationally my paintings are available in different galleries around the country. I am also a member and media coordinator for International watercolour society, Pakistan chapter, which aims to promote the watercolour medium. I’m also selling my artworks online. I love playing with warm and cool tones and the feeling of contentment when the painted canvas is hung on the collectors’ wall. Besides exhibiting my work, I also often conduct painting classes to further introduce this skill to others. Completing a painting and still desiring to bring forth more ideas on canvas in next painting, creating a new masterpiece every time made with the coordination of hands, mind and soul is such an incredible feeling.
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