Aqdas Umar


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Aqdas Umar Hashmi, from Islamabad, Pakistan. Born on 19th March, 1998. Student of 4th year BDS in Lahore Medical & Dental College, Lahore. Passionate about arts and see it as a way to express sentiments. She passed away on 16th May, 2021 due to sudden cardiac arrest during offering Zuhur Namaz (Prayer) at home. She always wanted to spread her art work but never got the time and now we family are looking after her master pieces. Her art uniqueness is that she used to draw them depending on her own imaginations. Aqdas never touched paints and kept her work different by using color pencils and crayons. Each art displays mixture of meanings. The main reason to promote her art is to generate funds which are solely going to be used for charity purposes (one of the life mission of Aqdas, she vigorously pursued during her stay in this world) and no matter what amount you spend on buying her work, you are contributing directly to funds helping people in every aspect starting from education, medical, food etc. It is never late to peruse the dream. Let’s make Aqdas arts her voice in this world and help many out there who are in need.
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