Sana Usman

Thar inspired

PKR 15,000.00

Its acrylics on cotton canvas .

Palette knife technique
Once I went to Sindh dessert Thar  there in a silent dessert when it rained the girls starting dancing on the typical Sindhi style.
Which is also a symbol of hospitality of that culture.

24 X 36 INCHES


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Im master dregree holder from BNU .lahore . Certified artist from hajvery painter by profession . I work in diffrent mediums like wcrylicks oils and inks . Use diffrent techniques My painting are based on  sufism,calligraply ,scenries ,block painting . I hve been learning diffrent techniques and painting from last 12 yrd from a well known artist in karachi professor zubair .hes a artist who is levtures in zakriya university .practing art from last 30 yrs . Im his student for 10 yrs and then i started my work .forst i was teaching art lessons from school to college .then i started painting my own projects for practincing . In 1999 i started painting as profession. In 2002 i joined an academy where i tught students who wanted to be artist . 2005worked for art acadmies and diffrent projects of school painting art . 2009started my carrer as professional painter .then specialized my work with techniques . Till then im painting .diffrent projects . Now i hve started to post on my page and wanted to sell my art .          
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