Hafida'tu Abdul Qadir

Surah Al Rahman

PKR 17,600.00

An Oil Painting of Surah Al Rahman (complete) on a 3×2 ft. canvas. An eye-catching calligraphy oil painting with sharp and vibrant colors available on a ready to hang canvas.

36 X 24 INCHES

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The beauty of Arabic Calligraphy is that it transcends faith and strengthens your connection with Quran. My name is Hafida'tu Abdul Qadir, 23 years old self-taught artist based in Islamabad. Being a Shariah and law student and running an online academy of Quranic Studies, pursuing calligraphy professionally was never a top priority. I learned Khat un Naskh 9 years back. In 2019, I started my Youtube Channel @arabiccalligraphyart and started teaching Naskh, Thuluth, and Kufic scripts online. I am more into traditional calligraphy and currently learning Dewani Script.
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