Jamal Ashiqian

Structure Series

Artist Name: Jamal Ashiqian
Medium: Archival Print on Archival Paper. Edition 3/5
Size: 34 x 72 INCHES

PKR 70,000.00

Jamal Ashiqian[ Jamash]
Objective To be able to positively contribute to the society and to leave footprints behind for others to
Shades & Hues
Social Human Rights Activist
Voicing against the patriarchic society since early teens, have been actively
blogging on social issues taking part in many awareness campaigns /
feminist campaigns / educational campaigns with a number of NGOs
Trained as a trainer for Digital Story Telling by APC women
( Produced a number of digital stories and videos
for advocacy and activism and a number of campaigns
Photography workshop with children from underprivileged section of the
society to teach them to express positively.
Participated actively in the local (Pakistan) Take Back The Tech campaign.
Founding member of NGO,
Pads Against Sexism campaign for Pakistan
Running an international support group for rape survivors since 2009 on
Facebook to provide support and link rape survivors to local social services
in their respective region.
Trained people (Crafters) online in Malaysia &Thailand to take better
photographs of their home crafted items to make them look more
presentable and sell more effectively online.
1999–2019 Jamash
On Random Occasions, Graphics / Web designer
Secured third position in the Azadi Competition held by SPIDER (DAWN) in
Designed websites, and demonstrations for Info train, designed Logos,
Brochures, Visiting Cards Demonstrations, Websites and GUI for many
Designed a logo for a local NGO, PDP
Designed product covers and posters and online advertisements
Commercial Photographic insanity
Since before 2002 Jamash:
Involved in Photography since early childhood. buying my first digital camera in 2002 and
ever since have done mainstream photography for leading local galleries, artists,
magazines and NGOs.
Worked for GT, women’s Own, and other magazines covered ramp, fashion and social
Officially covering art exhibitions and social events since year 2007.
Art documentation of works by leading artists including Meher Afroze, Abdul jabbar gull,
Noorjehan Bilgrami, Amin Gulgee, Adeela sulaman, Naiza khan, Imran Qureshi, Adeel uz
zafar, Madiha Sikander, Ahsan Jamal, Asim butt, Usman Gauri and many other leading
Since Early 2005 Personal Blog:
Scribbling, playing with words
Monthly feature Titled Digi- Art for the Spider ( DAWN) magazine, also introduced regular
features “ Artist of the Month” and “ Digital Photography Tips”
Technology and digital art related articles for Spider ( DAWN) .
Blogging since 2005 on social issues, fine arts, city happenings and events, technology
and technology events, have also been the city captain, for Karachi Metro Blogs
Former Correspondent France24 Online
Contributor Art Now Magazine
Contributor Humsafar PIA Inflight Magazine
Artistic Madness
2009, participating artist in Machar colony Art show at IVSAA Gallery, Karachi.
2010, Participating artist in Art Loot Maar at The Second Floor, Farar Gallery, Karachi
2012, Participating performance artist, in “Love Marriage”, an Amin Gulgee’s performance,
part of Band Baja Barat, Curated by Canvas Gallery held at IVSAA Gallery, Karachi
2012, participating artist at KOEL Gallery for the show titled “MAIN”
2012, participating artist at Art Chowk for the show Titled “Portraiture”
2012, participating artist at KSA Gallery, for the show titled “Sketchbooks”
2013, Participating Artist Alchemy Gallery, Lahore. for the digital art show “ Pixels”
2014 , Participating Artist at Alliance Francaise, Karachi , group show “Raison d’etre”.
2015 Art Performance (public) Titled: Objectified, at IVSAA, Fika, Koel, T2F.
2015. Participating Artist, Aghaz- e- Safar, An event by Pursukoon Karachi, Auction for a
cause .
2015 Participating artist, ( Performance, interactive and digital work ) “Basiliq”, Held at
Sadeqain Gallery, Frere Hall.
2015 Participating artist, “ Birwa ”, Held at Sadeqain Gallery, Frere Hall.
2016 Participating artist “Impact” , at Mövenpick Hotel Gallery, Karachi
2016 Participating artist “Mera Virsa Mera Khazana “ at Sadeqain Gallery, Frere Hall,
2017 Participating artist “Inquiry” at Studio 7 Gallery, Karachi .
2017 Solo Exhibition “ Exploring Structures” Studio 7 Gallery, Karachi.
2017 Site Specific installation “The Lost Stories Of The Past” – Karachi Art Summit – at Arts
Council, Karachi.
2018, Participating Artist – Group Show – Baad e Saba II , Clifton Art Gallery, Karachi
2018, Participating Artist – Group Show – Pehchaan, Studio 7 Art Gallery, Karachi.
2018, Participating Artist – Group Show – No Filter, Alliance Francaise Gallerey, Karachi.
2019, Exhibition of personal collection – Aks –e-Jamal at Art Chawk Gallery, Karachi
Curatorial projects
2016 Curator, “ When I think about my self … “ Group show – Spaces Gallery, Karachi
2017 Curator “ Social Dialogue “ Solo – Mohsin Panjwani – Studio 7 Gallery, Karachi
2017 Curator “ silent noise “ Group show – Studio 7 Gallery, Karachi
2018 Co-curator “Its All About Satire” Five person Show – Studio 7 Gallery, Karachi.
2019 Co-Curator “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz” Group show, Chawkandi Art Gallery,
2020 Curator: “Deafening Silence” Group show at Meubels Art Gallery, Karachi.
2020 Curator Karachi Art and Craft Gala 2021, Studio 7 Gallery Karachi
2021 Co_Curator “ Zindagi hai Karachi” Group show at Arts Council, Karachi.
2021 Curator Karachi Art and Craft Gala 2021(spring), Studio 7 Gallery Karachi
1999, International Azadi competition, 3rd price in web designing. By spider and Xiber com.
2010 Best Live PhotoBlogger , “First National Bloggers Awards”
2017 Special Prize Photography “ First Niggah National Art Awards “.
Media Newspaper Mentions
Interview ( TV guest appearance AAG TV as a photoblogger)
Interview ( TV guest appearance Dawn Tv Breakfast With DAWN)
Interview ( TV guest appearance Sindh Tv Morning show )
2015 GLAM Magazine, Article by Manizhe Ali “ Using art for social activism”.
2015, NIGAAH Art Magazine Article by Marjorie Husain “ Leaving Foot Prints Behind For
Others To Follow”
2017 Coverage in Biztoday for the show curated at Studio 7
NIGGAH ART TV coverage by Aks-e-Jamal :
2019 Preopening announcement in Biz today for the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz
curated at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi .
2019 Coverage in Youlin Magazine for the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz curated at
Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi.
2019 Coverage in The News for the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz curated at
Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi.
2019 Coverage in DAWN by Pirzada Salman for the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz”
curated at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi.
2019 Coverage in DAWN by Amra Ali for the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz” curated
at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi.
2019 Coverage in Art Now for the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz” curated at
Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi.
2019 Video Coverage by NIGGAH TV for the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz” curated
at Chawkandi Art Gallery, Karachi.
2019 article by Eman Saleem covering the show “An Apology To Shaikh Ayaz” in The Mag
Weekly magazine August 31 – Sept 6 Year 2019, Edition
Formal Education
2001–2005 University of  Karachi, Pakistan.
Graduated in English, Education and Sociology in 2005.
2000–2005 Others Karachi, Pakistan.
Brain Bench Flash 4 certification in year 2000
Six month proficiency certification in E-commerce from Info train in 2001.
Achievement certificate for summer art classes from Karachi School Of Art, year 2005
Other bad Habits Cooking, Reading, Collecting antiques, artworks, stamps, coins and books.

34 x 72 INCHES

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