Nastaleeq (red)

PKR 21,000.00

Islamic calligraphy in Nastaleeq font, with 3D effect.

The painting is available without frame.

Writen with light golden color acrylic on canvas in circle.

Outter circle is in maroon color, but inner cirle is in dark grey color.

Sides of the canvas is painted dark grey.

Golden color will stay long.

24 X 24 INCHES

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I have conducted a short course from Karachi Art council in early 20's. After that engaged with plein air artists group and worked for 9 years, with Abdul Hayee, Abbas Kamangar and Amin Kasmani etc. Since that time I am doing my own work, in acrylic and oil. Most of the time I work Abstracat and Islamic calligraphy on canvas. Like to work on big canvas.
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