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Boat landscape

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Boat Landscape Reflection.

My Soul Steers Me Into Natures Silence.

16 X 20 INCHES

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  1. This is Kiran from Hyderabad. I am a self-taught artist with a year of experience in painting, sketching, and landscapes, as well as a portfolio of commissioned work and academic achievements. I'm also interested in making figurative and wild life paintings. In 2019, I completed a brief course in sketching and won a prize in a live painting competition there. I'm currently finishing my graduation and working on my artwork. In addition, I took part in the Boynes Emerging Artist Award. Nature inspired me so much that I took images and painted them on canvas. I'm fascinated by man's relationship with nature. Possesses a strong sense of artistry and forward thinking, which is evident in all of my work.
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