Maryam Inam

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Gestures of hands have been a way to channel my bottled up feelings on a black canvas. The body of my work is solely centered on the quiet space in your head where snippets of life and memories live. My work is simply a voice for everyone around to show their different zones of emotions through language of hands.

36 X 48 INCHES

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Maryam Inam is an innovative and figurative Pakistani artist currently living in Hyderabad. She received her bachelor's degree in Fine Arts from the SABS University Jamshoro (CEAD,MUET) in 2021. She choosed painting as her major subject because it matches her temperament . She grew up always doing pencil drawings. She discovered that making art has been a path to show her emotions and feelings of grief and larger-than-life questions that roam around her head and her heart. She has used gestures of hands in her thesis work to show her inner emotions. For her, hands are another best way to convey thoughts after facial gestures.

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