Suman Ali Rizvi

All Blue

Artist Name: Suman Ali Rizvi
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 24 x 36 INCHES

24 x 36 INCHES

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Mona Ali Rizvi Artist statement. THE SKIN I LIVE IN: Women all around the world are fighting social stereotypes and discrimination, my woman has been judged on every ground. It’s time for her retribution, her change. The theme THE SKIN I LIVE IN describes her struggle of breaking norms and claiming her rightful place in society. This is her transition to being a more happier, confident, fearless woman. It took ages of backbreaking tussle for her to stand where she is, you know this woman. She is your ancestor, your family, your friend. The rough edges, old run down doors, stairs and ruins depict her efforts in opening the doors for herself and generations to come, symbolising her breaking free from the ages old resistance. The colours are quite a mixture, explaining the cluster of emotional expression. The bright colours in my paintings show the rebellion in her, the bold red painted lips and the solid ring on her forehead portray her strength. Boldened layers in her eyes show that she has been reformed by her struggle, hardened. She is aware of the lengths she has gone and the turmoil she has faced. The contrast of the bright colours in a dark theme represent conflict, conflict she has overcome.
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