Sanya Arif

Mother and Child

Artist Name: sanyaarif
Medium: Water Color on Paper
Size: 48 X 59 INCHES

48 X 59 INCHES

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Sanya Arif was born on 11 November 1981 in Karachi , Pakistan. She currently live in Karachi. She worked on Miniature Painting and textile designing. Sanya completed BFA in Miniature paintings From University of Karachi visual studies department in 2006 . During that time and afterwards she won many awards and certificate internationally for her art work at international level. Currently she working on Paintings, oil on canvas, miniature art and also being involved textile designing since 4 years. Her work actually reflect her imagination to see the colourful world.  According to her point of view to see the different aspects  of the world  color one of the best feelings in the world is about the importance of anyone existence.  i.e knowing our presence and absence both mean something to someone. Her art work demonstrates how all lives are inter connected and beyond that simply creating a representation. It exerts a hypnotic effect on the viewer, allowing him to experience the energy on an emotional and instinctual level. According to the idea of her work the relation, marriage, has a greater impact on anyone’s life. The colour scheme use in her art work representing and highlighting the problems and the solution faced by the people in relation .
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