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Indignant truth III

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An emotion that we feel when something is unjust or wrong. It’s a powerful emotion that can lead to activism, protest, and other forms of resistance. However, it’s also important to recognize the power of the truth when it comes to tackling injustice. With the help of research and facts, it’s possible for us to uncover the various issues in our society

18 X 36 INCHES

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I'm a self-taught artist and a medalist in arts, working on sculptors, abstract and Contemporary art. My career as a sculptor commenced after the completion of school in the late 90s. I worked for California and Kansas universities, and with other different artists as well. In 1996, I did my first art exhibition at the art council with Anjum Ayaz. Being always close to nature, I am interested in creating cubism and abstraction art such as space and distance of nature. As an artist, I work hard to create paintings with the best quality and effect that speaks to others about beauty. Not only that, but a sense of visual depth can also be identified in my paintings.
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