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Summer, someone who don't have confidence in like, is actually unsure on how she its thought regarding the Tom

This time goes without saying inside (500) Days of Summer since audience can experience first-hand how Tom and Summer's dating dropped apart, as well as the unhappy state Tom is put in the just after he knows that he could be never going to get June back in the life

It is clear you to definitely suspicion starred a member within their split right up. Even in the event she know she was delighted, she couldn't function with the tension therefore the relationships sustained. Tom, simultaneously believed in love and try sure if the guy treasured June. As a result of this, Tom features issue expertise just what Summer was feeling around. In short, Tom is actually sure if the guy treasured June and you can June try uncertain one she treasured Tom. The strain between one another uncertainty and you can confidence ultimately pressed the 2 apart

The very last dialectic, openness-closedness, differs regarding Tom and you can Summer during the the tension for the reason that it's the catalyst of all of the of the other stress. During the a world where Tom and you may June are talking in her apartment the very first time, this new narrator of the motion picture is quick to point out one whenever Tom in the end gets to come across Summer's interior sanctum, one to partners possess previously visited, Tom begins to getting as if Summer's thick wall space have now began to dissolve.