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And honestly, it's a red flag for any man thinking of dating me

And believe me, I tried living the life my parents wanted by staying close to home, living with a committed partner, and having a normal 40 hour job. But I only got more bitter and restless as time went by. And then I realized I was trying to live their ideal life, and not mine.

Each individual has a different set of values. There is no superior set of values. It is not my place to tell Hannah she is living life wrong because her set of ideals make me feel itchy and throw up in my mouth a little. It is definitely not her place to tell nomads they are living life wrong because they don't live life like a “normal” person.

I read 52 books last year, 25 of them being educational. I travel AND read and even https://besthookupwebsites.org/ourtime-review/ smarter and wiser for doing both ?? And thanks to the lucky life I have built for myself, I can speak from my experience – reading a guidebook about a country is vastly different from actually going to that country and experiencing it for yourself.

I have been unable to stay in one place in the last 2 years. I get the ‘are you like a nomad, can't stay in a place for too long?' question constantly.