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Dating & Hooking Up: The Capricorn Approach

Consider Capricorn's heart the toughest nut to crack in the zodiac. To say that winning this practical, status-conscious sign's favor is easy would be a serious understatement - you truly need the patience of a saint to match Capricorn's speed when it comes to getting to know them and wriggling into their heart.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the planet ruling over hard work, maturity, and obligation to one's duties. So, Capricorns rarely make time for chasing after love or entertaining ideas of romance - they're occupied with securing the bag. If you're crushing on a Cap, know this sign prefers power over pleasure, so they've got to be sure that you're going to enhance their standing or image, and will never get in the way of their professional aspirations. Sea goats will not be held back. Studious and diligent Cbition and dedication to working hard for their goals can match their own.

Still, there's a lot more to this seemingly conservative sign than meets the eye. Case in point: Capricorn's sex life. If you're wondering whether Capricorns are good in bed, remember you're dealing with an earth sign; physicality is the name of the game, and you might find that they're quite a bit kinkier than you expected, though they'll expect you to keep that on the DL. (Just look at Cilton, one of the most prolific and industrious founders of the United States - and also the politician to become entangled in America's first salacious sex scandal.) Ahead, a complete guide to navigating the waters of love, sex, and life with Capricorn

1. Always Building Their Future

If you've succeeded in getting a date with Capricorn, consider yourself lucky. “Capricorns are not easily accessible people,” astrologer Tess Lee tells NYLON. They're industrious, efficient, and may even seem a little intimidating at first. “Sometimes people say Capricorns have higher standards and are a little bit more picky,” Lee says.