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I have my struggles with strong sexual desires and can relate to what many of you have been through

May our gracious and powerful God rebuke the accuser of the faithful and keep us “from entering temptation”!That,in the “our Father” is mentioned to pray for!

Man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that God says.May we live by his spirit and not by the flesh!

Just a thought, why don't we as Christians look at abstinence and celibacy as a virtue? I mean, it seems to me, married Christians either look down on single Christians and judge “there must be something wrong with him” that he can't find a wife, or they pity us. My question is why don't we treat singleness with honor? In the catholic church they REVERE their celibate priests. And even in the very earliest church virgins we seen as being extra pious to the point of pride/bragging about it. The early centuries had a proliferation of monasteries where single men and woman would *choose* to live the rest of their lives. What happened to that spirit amoung us Christian's? How has something that was once viewed as a great and noble thing now turned into shame and pity?

Celibacy isn't necessary. When God originally created every type of thing and being he did, the only thing he said wasn't good was being alone. This doesn't mean just being without other humans, because after Adam and Eves first meeting it states that for this reason shall people be married and the two become one flesh, referring to us being made male and female. The reason was not to reproduce more friends of the same race, animals reproduce without marriage. What makes marriage unique is the intimacy, it's purpose is itself. Creation was not very good until marriage was made, because there was nothing more needed to improve anything. When Paul wrote about the benefit of celibacy, he specifically wrote that it was because of the distress happening at the time, and having that relationship provides something more significant to lose, so as he wrote, he was trying to spare people more despair.